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November 16, 2023

Recruiting an employee is a difficult proposition, where the hiring partner endeavors to find a perfect fit for a position through investing a lot of effort and resources. The hiring party has to evaluate and screen candidates on the basis of a variety of factors such as work experience, professional certifications etc. A standard method of obtaining the necessary data in the industry is through CV or Resumé.

Typically, a resume has been a text based document which summarizes a candidate’s work experience and other professional qualifications, which is reviewed by the recruiter in order to get insight into a candidate’s professional traits and evaluate their suitability for a vacancy. This approach, although less complex, rarely offers any information about the candidate's personal characteristics, and is also subject to introduction of unconscious bias from the recruiter, which may be a result of several intangible reasons such as gender, race etc. The absence of adequate data does not allow companies to gain insight into the hiring process, thereby leading to frequent attrition stemming from non-alignment of the employee's goals and ethics with the organization.

A recent trend attempting to address the root cause of the issue is the introduction of video resumes. A video resume consists of a short video clip where a candidate speaks about their professional experience and qualifications, while also highlighting personal goals and expectations.  

While the content of video-based and text-based resumes may be similar, video resumes offer considerably more insight about a candidate's characteristics by gleaning additional data in the form of facial micro-expressions, voice intonations and body language which, when combined with recent advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, become an extremely powerful tool in ensuring the effectiveness of a company's recruitment process by employing standard personality models and obtaining useful insight, while also eliminating human bias.

Another disadvantage of text-based resumes is that candidates tend to exaggerate their skill sets, which poses a significant challenge to prospective employers for screening. Video resumes overcome this problem by enabling companies to glean behavioral data about the candidate and correlate it with the communicated set of skills, thereby increasing the efficiency and quality of the screening process.  

LueinHire Video Resume example-

In conclusion, video resumes, in tandem with machine learning, allows companies to gain a deeper understanding of various intangible factors associated with existing hiring practices, while enabling nuanced customization of its recruitment criteria to suit available positions, and find an employee in line with its culture. Such a measure usually has a cascading effect on the rest of the recruitment process and provides companies with immense opportunities for presenting the best possible experience to prospective employees.

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