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Unlock the Power of Video Interview and A.I.

Unveil new dimensions of your candidates through video interviews empowered by cutting-edge A.I. technology. Effortlessly streamline pre-hire screening, leverage comprehensive talent analysis, experience user-friendly software, and embrace an exceptional interview process you can trust and admire.

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Explore Limitless Possibilities

In Your Hiring

Automated screening

The traits and characteristics that set you apart from everyone else. It’s what makes you 'you'.

Live Video Interview

Increase your team’s productivity, enable better outcomes and create a great candidate experience.

Pre-hire assistance with behavioral insights

On-demand assessment, Technical assessment and coding assessment, all in one platform.

Automated scheduling

Invite candidate and let AI handle the futher scheduling and communication with candidates.

Simple ATS and reporting

Immediate perception without the use of conscious rational processes during any interaction. This also leads to course of actions.

Video Job Description

Bring workplace culture to live for better engagement and employer branding.

Build your best talent pipeline

The combination of observable and measurable knowledge, skills, abilities and personal attributes to build the best talent pipeline.

Interview anywhere anytime

Assist in remote hiring process. Identify best-fit talent without painful experience of traditional assessment.

Reach more candidates with social sharing

Promote your employer brand.

Ensure cultural fit with behavioural

Promote your employer brand.

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Create job

  • Copy paste your existing Job Description or create a new Job.
  • Create or add questions from question banks to automated pre-hire assessment.
  • Mass elimination with skill specific verbal, mcq, coding and objective questions.
  • Stand out in job lists with unique video job description features.
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Invite Candidate

  • If you already have a shortlisted candidates or applicants pool, then invite them all easily for an automated video pre-hire assessment with just an email address.
  • Invite as many candidates you want for an initial pre-hire assessment (on-demand video interview), and let the AI do its job to screen candidates.
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Pre-hire Assessment (Screening)

  • Get to see your candidate’s technical and soft skills much early in the interview process.
  • Share with peers for collaborative feedback.
  • Use AI auto-grading features to mass eliminate unfit candidates or grade it manually.
  • AI based behavioral cognitive to know the candidate better.
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Share scorecard

  • Useful for sourcing companies, when they wanted to conduct a pre-hire assessment to evaluate candidate’s technical and soft-skill, and then wanted to source only the fit candidate profile + scorecard to their clients.
  • Identify best cultural fit from the cognitive details.
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ATS & Smart scheduling

  • Simple applicant tracking system to manage candidates over the complete job cycle.
  • Move fit candidates for next rounds of LIVE video interviews using smart auto-scheduling features.
  • Invite more interviewers and hiring decision makers to the job (at any level of the job cycle), to review candidates, rate candidates and take live interviews.
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Live Assessments

  • Conduct hassle free LIVE video interview rounds, invite multiple interviewers.
  • Integrated calendar for tracking and managing daily scheduled interviews. Question recommendation, whiteboard, live chat, collaborative coding editor features to assist interviewers during LIVE interview.
  • Record and save candidate interview’s minute details for later reviews (video recording, chat, whiteboard and editor contents).
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Hire or Reject Candidates

  • Instead of ignoring rejected candidates, send them a personalised rejection email with feedback for better interview experience.
  • Conduct final HR rounds, salary negotiations, do on-boarding remotely over video calls for successfully cleared candidates.
  • Revisit rejected-but-potentially-good-candidate responses, and move their profile to internal job pool for other relevant open positions.

See these videos to get started in minutes.

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How to choose a great Pre-hire assessment.
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Why you should join LueinHire.
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How to scale with video interview platform.

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