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November 16, 2023


The importance of building a profile and portfolio is a given in this day and age. These prerequisites are not only given chief importance to filter the users by their performance and ability but also to filter them by their presentation and nuances. Maintaining these profiles and portfolios with a certain but albeit professional flair is important. LueinHire, our premier video assessment, and hiring solution have a robust profile builder where you can create a dynamic profile to showcase your originality to your desired companies, and vice versa, to attract the best of your candidates.

Profile Management in LueinHire:

Profile management systems for both the applicants and employees contain a dynamic form that can be followed step by step by our users to enter and upload the necessary details. A pretty simple solution, but combined with LueinHire’s state-of-the-art AI and scoring system; even the little details matter. Profiling and its ability to create standout candidates & companies in an instant through their content and style are very important for hiring. These profiles co-habit with the talent of the users and provide an extra boost to the possibility of the candidate being hired or the company being given a preference by the applicants. Hence, the profiles should be given tremendous importance and care during creation.

Tips for improving profile management:
Usage of Images - A profile image is an important component of any video hiring platform. Providing a visual representation of the candidate, the images allow potential employers to get a sense of the person they’re considering for the role. In many cases, the profile image is the first and only impression a candidate will make on a potential employer. It’s important to choose a profile image that is professional and represents you in the best light possible. The candidate profiles should use the sharpest and most professional portraits for their profile and prevent using an external source of an image that is not allowed under LueinHire’s terms and conditions. The company profiles, on the other hand, should use a high-quality export of their logo or brand icon.

Use of Language - Language, and communication play a vital role in formal environments such as workplaces. Good communication skills are essential to building positive relationships with colleagues, customers, and clients. Effective communication can help to promote collaboration and teamwork, as well as improve productivity. When done properly this can increase the interests of people who want you on their team and vice versa. Both candidates and employers should maintain professional decorum and language but can fit the tone and content of the language used in summaries to their liking. From business casual to technical exactitude, all is available for the user to express their self.

Completion of the Profile - Any incomplete profile will create a bad impression among both the candidates and the employers, so filling up the profile with details is imperative. For the candidates, an incomplete profile could be a judge of character which could negatively affect their employment. For the companies, an incomplete profile could delegitimise their professionality and could create disparity regarding their reliability among applicants.

Know the Scoring- The level of competency shown in your profile will directly reflect your AI-generated user score for both employers and applicants, this scoring highly utilises the content with these profiles to prefigure the best candidates for a particular position.

Updated Resume and Work History - For the candidates, maintain the newest resume with work history on LueinHire in a common, machine-readable format. In the future, we will be able to use the candidates’ LinkedIn profiles to update their experience instantaneously.

Add your skills and a video resume & introduction videos - Update your skill set and upload a video resume which will make your profile much more attractive to interviewers and applicants alike. Video Resume is an exclusive feature in LueinHire that could be used to present and market yourself in many ways. Candidates can use this Video Resume feature to showcase briefly their talents and expertise for a quick and entertaining review among the recruiters. Companies can simultaneously attract and market to the candidates through a video introduction that explains the culture of the company and the nature of work. This increases not only their market value but also their cultural value and impact.

These tips can enhance your experience and ease of getting employment via Luein, a one- stop intelligent video hiring solution. Click here to know more.

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