Automated Screening
AI based Candidate Screening on Professional Skills & Soft Skills.
Pre-hire Assessment
On-demand One-way Video & Coding Interview.
Live Video interview
Live Two-way Video Interview with Multiple Participants.

AI Powered Hiring Automation Platform

Experience the Future of Hiring. Unlimited User Engagements, Smart ATS, Unlimited Video Interviews, and Behavioural & Coding Assessments.

Collaborating with 150+ internationally renowned companies.

Discover Seamless Hiring Benefits

Transforming your recruitment strategy, from engaging unlimited users at no extra cost to utilizing advanced behavioral analysis for better candidate fit.

Unlimited User Engagement

Engage all company users in hiring at no extra cost, ensuring collaboration.

Advanced Behavior Insights

Gain deep candidate insights for better cultural fitment.

AI-driven Recruitment

Automate recruitment for efficiency and reduced effort.

Skill-based Evaluation

Prioritize skill-based evaluation and cultural fitment in your hiring process.

Efficient Cost Structure

Nominal, equalized hiring costs regardless of job seniority or position count.

Enhanced Security Protocols

Benefit from increased data security for safe hiring.

Effortless Job Creation with AI Assistance

Create compelling job descriptions effortlessly with LueinHire's AI assisted platform. Our tool ensures clear and captivating descriptions, streamlining your job requisition process. Experience AI-assisted job description creation for precise communication of role expectations.
  • True Create Job Descriptions with Ease
  • True Streamline Job Requisition
  • True Precisely Communicate Role Expectations

Streamlined Sourcing Efforts

Streamline your sourcing efforts with LueinHire's centralised platform. Automate postings on 30+ renowned job boards, amplify your job exposure, and promote listings at no cost. Benefit from custom integration for legacy boards, ensuring a tailored approach to job sourcing.
  • True Automated Posting on 30+ Job Boards
  • True Custom Integration for Legacy Boards
  • True Centralized Application Processing

Streamlined Application Pre-Screening

Simplify application management with LueinHire's centralized platform. Benefit from AI-powered resume screening that assesses applications efficiently. Our platform offers smart qualification assessment, application scoring, and comprehensive insights into candidates' strengths and areas of improvement.
  • True Centralized Submission Management
  • True AI Assisted Resume Screening & Scoring
  • True Smart Qualification Assessment
  • True Comprehensive Candidate Insights

Advanced Pre-Assessment Interview

Evaluate candidates' skills on demand with AI-assisted skills assessment. Tailored competency questions and video response evaluations provide deeper insights. Additionally, cognitive assessments and profiling enhance your understanding of candidates' potential.
  • True Tailored Competency Question Generation
  • True MCQ, Coding, Cognitive Assessments
  • True Candidate Accountability and Proctoring

Behavioral Evaluation

Assess candidates' behavioral traits with our AI-driven evaluation tools. Understand candidates' soft skills and cultural fit through tailored questions and video responses.
  • True Tailored Behavioral Question Generation
  • True Soft Skills Assessment
  • True Cultural Fit Evaluation

Smart AI-Enhanced Live Video Interviews

Elevate your interview process with AI enhancements. Invite decision-makers, receive AI-assisted question recommendations, and conduct seamless live video interviews. Our platform's smart scheduling, notifications, and calendar integration ensure an efficient and unbiased interview experience.
  • True Question Recommendation & Live Coding
  • True Intelligent Scheduling
  • True Collaborative Interviewing & Feedback

Elevate Your Employer Branding

Strengthen your brand identity with our platform's employer branding capabilities. Deliver a consistent and compelling message to candidates, showcasing your organisation's culture and values.
  • True Branded Interview and Communication Experience
  • True No Usage Restrictions Throughout Recruitment
  • True Customizable Roles and Access